In this section, you will find relevant information for your admission process to the Master’s Degree in Economics at University of the Hesperides. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further information..

Steps to


Inform yourself on this page about the admission requirements and fill out the admission application below.


We will get in touch with you.


Send us the documentation we will request from you.


We will conduct a personal interview, and the Admissions Committee will evaluate your admission.


We will communicate the decision of the Admissions Committee to you.


To apply for admission to the master's program, please fill out the following form:

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    Personal Information
    Residence Information
    Which program are you applying for admission to?


    You can calculate the tuition fees for this master's degree according to the number of credits selected. The lower the number of instalments, the more discount you can get.

    Cost of the Master's Degree in Economics
    Number of installments Discount Cost of the programme
    full (60ECTS)
    Payment in
    10 instalments
    Payment in
    2 instalments
    7,5% 8325€
    One-off payment 15% 7650€


    Table of prices per ECTS credit for the Master's Degree in Economics
    Range of annual ECTS credits Payment in 10 instalments Payment in 2 instalments (7,5% discount) One-off payment (15% discount)
    1 to 18 ECTS/year
    250€ 250€
    From 19 to 24 ECTS/year (5% discount) 238€ 220€ 202€
    From 25 to 30 ECTS/year (10% discount) 225€ 208€ 191€
    From 31 to 36 ECTS/year (15% discount) 213€ 197€ 181€
    From 37 to 42 ECTS/year (20% discount) 200€ 185€ 170€
    From 43 to 48 ECTS/year (25% discount)
    188€ 173€ 159€
    From 49 to 54 ECTS/year (35% discount)
    163€ 150€ 138€
    ≥ 55 ECTS/year (40% discount)
    150€ 139€ 128€
    Tuition fee reservation (deductible from the total price)

    Recommended Admission Profile

    Students wishing to pursue this master’s degree should be motivated to delve into the various subjects offered within it, i.e., the study of the latest theoretical developments within the field of economic analysis. In all cases, they should possess the attitude and motivation to propose and achieve challenges.


    • Hold an official Spanish Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or alternatively hold another Master’s degree, or degrees of the same level as the Spanish Bachelor’s or Master’s degree issued by universities and institutions of higher education in a country of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that allows access to Master’s studies.
    • Hold titles from education systems not part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which are equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree, without the need for the title to be homologated, provided that in the country where the title was issued, it allows access to university postgraduate studies.
    • Bachelor’s degree students who have yet to complete the Bachelor’s Final Project (BFP) and up to a maximum of 9 ECTS credits. They cannot obtain the Master’s degree without having previously obtained the Bachelor’s degree.
    • Have a minimum B2 level of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference. This level must be accredited with the corresponding official certificate or, if not available, the University of the Hesperides, through its Language Service, will carry out the corresponding English test for the candidate.
    • Have a personal computer equipped with headphones, a microphone, and a webcam, all connected to the internet, as they are essential for participating in our online degree programs.


    The University evaluates all aspects of the application as a whole, conducting a weighted and comprehensive evaluation of the following factors, according to the established entry profile for the degree:


    The admission process aims to identify, through its different stages, all those aspects of the student’s trajectory, both academic and personal, that make them different and allow us to have the maximum information to make a decision that is understood to be determinant in the student’s future.

    At University of the Hesperides, for this degree, there will be two enrollment periods per academic year, opening the second one in case there are places available in the first period. Therefore, given the limited number of places and the procedures for the homologation of academic titles, for students from abroad, it is recommended to start this process several months in advance.

    The bodies responsible for carrying out the admission process are, on the one hand, the Admissions Office, and on the other hand, the Admissions Committee.

    • The Admissions Office of University of the Hesperides will be composed of members of the academic and administrative staff of the University. This office is responsible for addressing requests for information about the admission process and verifying that admission applications are correctly completed and that they have the required accompanying documentation. Once the admission documentation (application, curriculum vitae, and academic record) is verified, if it is complete, it is forwarded to the Admissions Committee for evaluation.
    • The Admissions Committee will be composed of a member of the administration, the director of the master’s degree, a professor of the master’s degree, and the Dean of the University’s Postgraduate School.
    • The Admissions Office is available to assist the student at all times with any questions they may have during the process. It is important to keep contact information (phone number and email address) up to date throughout the process.

    Regardless of whether one enters as a first-year student or as a student from another university, the following steps of the admission process must be followed: